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Will You Help Me?

Please share. It makes me happy. :)



Will You Help Me?

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Will You Help Me?


This Post May Contain Affiliate and Advertising Links.
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It is that time of year when moms evaluate their homeschooling, whether it is their curriculum, schedules, or other aspects of their homeschool.  I am doing the same thing for my homeschool.  We moms often will seek help and advice from others.  Well, I am seeking yours only on a different matter.  Will you help me?

I am evaluating my Home School Consulting business.  As I am going through this process I am looking at what areas have been effective, what needs improving, what I might add, and what projects I should set aside.  I also have ideas for writing three new eBooks.

It is my desire to provide you with encouragement, useful homeschool information, and an awareness of homeschool curriculum and other resources in my blog posts.  What I consider to be valuable information may not be what you are seeking.  This is where I want your input.  Before you do, let me refresh your memory on what I offer on my blog:


Homeschool how to type of information

Topics God places on my heart to share

Product reviews

Sponsored posts from homeschool companies


Now it is your turn.  What type of blog posts do you want me to write?

Do you have interest in themed posts such as certain days of the week on a particular topic?

Do you want a monthly calendar of regular and unusual holidays with free resources?

Do you want to read posts on high school information?

Do you have interest in ideas on teaching the different homeschool courses such as science, math, and etcetera?

In addition to blog posts, what else do you want me to add?  Let me refresh your memory on what I currently offer:


Homeschool Support and Encouragement Newsletter

Free Mini-Course

Free Special Report

Educate the Home Educator Crash Course (eBook)

Curriculum Assistance

Affiliate Program

Free Quick Start Guide to Begin Your Homeschool 

Your input is valuable to me.  So again will you help me?  If you are uncomfortable sharing here on my blog, you are welcome to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

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Please share. It makes me happy. :)

Angie McFarren

Angie McFarren is a homeschool mom of 1 high school student and graduated another who is now attending college. She has homeschooled them since they were in K and Pre-K. Angie is passionate about homeschooling and enjoys Helping Other Parents Educate. She is a Homeschool Consultant and the author of Educate the Home Educator Crash Course. Angie is also on the See the Light Art Curriculum team.

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