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VocabularySpellingCity Review

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VocabularySpellingCity Review


This Post May Contain Affiliate and Advertising Links.
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Over the years I have come across VocabularySpellingCity many times.  It has intrigued me each time I have visited the site.  However, I did not realize everything it has to offer until I received a premium membership as a product review through the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

VocabularySpellingCity is a family owned company that began in 2008.  Its original name was SpellingCity.  The company became known as VocabularySpellingCity in 2011.  Since its inception, the website has earned 18 awards!

VocabularySpellingCity offers interactive learning that is more than just a list of words and their definitions.  There are 26 learning games, which are suitable for grades K-12.  The games contain word lists for language arts, science, social studies, geography, literature, and math.  There are additional learning activities and pintables available such as handwriting worksheets, reports, certificates, and printable versions of the games.

There are three options for making use of the website:

The first option is the non-registered user may enter their own word list, have the words taught, play a game, and take a spelling test.

The second option is to register for a free membership.  This allows for saving word lists in addition to having access to the free activities and games.






The third option is the premium membership.  It is a family membership for up to five children.  The cost is quite economical at $29.99 for a year.  The children will have their own student login page granting them access to all the learning activities, games, and interactive flash cards.  The parents will be able to personalize the assignments, take advantage of the automated testing and grading, and track their children’s progress.

There is even a free mobile app for android devices and Kindles.  The premium members have access to additional games.


My daughter is quite a fan of computer games.  Playing school-related games is not high on her list of things to do.  She was resistant to use VocabularySpellingCity when we first received the membership.  In fact, she was happy when I needed time to figure out how to set things up.




It was overwhelming for me when I first gained access to the premium membership.  There is so much available it was hard for me to know where to start.  Thankfully, there is a FAQ webpage full of videos, which walked me through each step of using VocabularySpellingCity.




The first step was to add my daughter as the student into the system.

The second step was to create a word list.  I had the option of adding my own spelling and vocabulary words or use the innumerable lists already provided.  I chose the latter, which I found the word lists in the Teaching Resources, contains a wealth of information with over 50 links to follow.


Teaching Resources


I began selecting word lists from the Language Arts Lessons.  There are 13 sets of word lists, for example: verb tenses, compound words, antonyms, and parts of speech.  VocabularySpellingCity gives the option of selecting lists according to grade-level groups, such as 3rd to 5th grades.  Since my daughter is in the 8th grade I imported the word lists from the 6th to 8th grades group.  A nice feature is I was able to adjust the word lists as needed.  When I found a list of words that were too easy for my daughter, I moved her up to the 9th to 12th grade level.




The third step in the set up process was to create assignments from the 20+ activities provided.  I selected ten of them for my daughter to complete.




I continued with steps two and three for creating assignments from the social studies, science, geography, and math categories.




The fourth step was having my daughter login into her page and introducing her to her assignments, which initially did not go over well.

Once my daughter began doing the assignments, she realized it was not as bad as she thought it would be.  In fact, she said, “I will do this.  You actually learn stuff as well as English.” Bingo.  We have a winner!




My daughter enjoyed the interactive learning with immediate feedback on how she was doing.  She found she liked the science the most with MatchIt Sentences as being her favorite activity.  There was one frustration she experienced with a practice spelling test.  The phrase, big bang theory was given in a sentence.  She misunderstood and thought she was to type in the big bang theory”.  Her answer was wrong because “the” was not a part of the spelling phrase.

VocabularySpellingCity makes it easy to track a student’s progress.  The student activity page allowed me to see the advancement my daughter was making as she worked on the assignments.  There is a chart showing the word lists, assignments, the date and how much time she spent on the activity, her score, and the words she missed.

We have enjoyed using the VocabularySpellingCity even though we have not completed everything that is available with the premium membership.  We feel blessed to have a one-year access to the program so we may continue investigating all that is available.

Hopefully this VocabularySpellingCity review has given you a clear picture of what all the premium membership has to offer.  Feel free to read what other Crew members have to say about their experiences with VocabularySpellingCity by clicking on the image below.




Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

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