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The Easter Story



The story begins with Grandpa gathering his grandchildren around him and telling them a story. 

Dominic is a carpenter’s son.  The carpenter does government work and one of his jobs is to build crosses.  Dominic is to deliver a cross to the soldiers for his father.

Dominic has heard about the man who is to die on the cross, and struggles to understand why this Jesus is to be crucified.

The story ends with Dominic walking alongside Jesus.

This is an excellent story for children and adults to hear about redemption.



The Easter Story - Crossmaker Product Review


Crossmaker Product Review ~ Glory ~



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There are several elements to the Crossmaker DVD from See the Light.  It begins with a touching story mentioned above, has three art lessons, a spectacular account told through chalk art, the plan of salvation, and more.   Today, I want to share with you the art lesson called Glory.






The first art lesson is creative lettering taught by Heidi Short, one of See the Light’s artists.  She shows how to turn the word glory into a beautiful picture that reminds you of the Easter sunrise.  To complete the lettering project, you will need the following materials:



Crossmaker Supplies



Crossmaker Ultimate Gift Set from See the LightA #2 pencil

Good white or gray kneaded eraser

A pencil sharpener

White or light colored 8-1/2” x 11” or 9” x 12” paper

A 12” ruler

A box of colored pencils

Crayola EXTREME colored pencils

A black light


The Crossmaker Ultimate Gift Set shown above includes the Crayola EXTREME colored pencils, fluorescent pastels, and a black light. 

There are other Crossmaker gift sets available in the See the Light store.


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Your children will:


 Steps for making the Glory art lessons from See the Light's Crossmaker DVD


  • use a ruler to draw lines to use as guidelines for the lettering
  • write the word Glory using the D‘Nealian style
  • add a serif and triangles to some of the letters
  • widen the letters by adding extra strokes
  • color the inside of the letters
  • illuminate the letter G in a scene of a beautiful sunrise


  • use Crayola EXTREME colored pencils so the picture will glow in the dark


Here is my daughter’s finished project:




Here is what her project looks like using a black light:





Next, I like to tell you about Gloria Kohlmann who is a chalk artist.  She explains the process of drawing with chalk as she creates a picture.  The end result is magnificent.  She turns on a black light and oh my.  It’s something you must experience for yourself.


There are three art lessons on the Crossmaker DVD from See the Light.  You are welcome to read my reviews on


Cross Hill with Black Light - H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting



Read the Cross Hill art lesson product review here.










Read the Crossmaker Product Review here.







You may obtain your own Crossmaker Ultimate Gift Set for $34.99.  It is a treasure you will want to keep for future generations.


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Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant


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