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Staying Connected

Please share. It makes me happy. :)






Staying Connected


This Post May Contain Affiliate and Advertising Links.
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It is important for us homeschoolers to link ourselves with other like-minded individuals.  By staying connected we receive support and encouragement from one another.

It is equally important to select our connections wisely.  We all need people in our lives who are uplifting, nonjudgmental, and who are willing to walk alongside us when we are in need or just want to chat.  It is my desire to be such an individual you find worthy enough to be one of your connections.

You may already know Google will cease providing its RSS reader in July.  This means each of us will need to find alternative means for staying connected with one another.  I am providing you with two new options (Bloglovin and Feedly) for following my blog.  Both options make it easy to import the blogs you follow.  If you are new to Feedly, you may add my blog by going to your account, click on + Add Content in the left sidebar, type H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting Blog in the search box that pops up.

I am still offering NetWorked Blogs and Linky Followers (see left side bar) as options.  You may also follow my blog by subscribing to my updates by email (see left side bar.)  In addition to these options, you will find me on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter.

You are welcome to leave comments for each of my blog posts.  It is my goal to answer every comment I receive.  If I do not respond immediately, it is possible WordPress placed your comment in a different folder.


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Another way to connect with me is by subscribing to my Homeschool Support and Encouragement Newsletter.  I publish a tip each month and promise you will not be bombarded with emails.

If you have questions or want to chat, please feel free to email me any time.

I look forward to staying connected with you.


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant


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Please share. It makes me happy. :)

Angie McFarren

Angie McFarren is a homeschool mom of 1 high school student and graduated another who is now attending college. She has homeschooled them since they were in K and Pre-K. Angie is passionate about homeschooling and enjoys Helping Other Parents Educate. She is a Homeschool Consultant and the author of Educate the Home Educator Crash Course. Angie is also on the See the Light Art Curriculum team.

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