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Project Genius Light



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Project Genius Light

A Wonderful Hands-on Project to Accompany a Unit Study

Product Review



This Post May Contain Affiliate and Advertising Links.
Please See the Disclosure Image Below Content. 

Are you an electrical engineer?  I am not by any means.  However, you do not need to be an electrical engineer to complete the Project Genius Light activity by EEME.  If the thought of learning electrical engineering is a bit scary, do not worry.  EEME has done the work for you.

Before I begin this product review, allow me to introduce you to the company.  EEME’s hands-on projects teach kids about electronics.  Each project is paired with online curricula to not only guide the kids in assembling the project but also to teach the concepts applied“.

My 13-year-old daughter is very hands-on and enjoys building things.  When I told her I was doing this review, she squealed with delight.  She quickly informed me she would do this project all by herself and she did.  My daughter did allow me to watch.

Project Light Box Contents

The Project Genius Light arrived in the mail with everything needed to complete the activity.  It even contained the batteries!  Also included in the box was a letter with the URL of the website allowing access to the curriculum.

The interactive curriculum consists of 22 tutorial videos totally 45 minutes.  You will quickly discover the tutorials are more than just where to place the components of the project.  You and your child will assemble a simple LED circuit system, learn how and why it works, do additional activities, answer several questions, and then complete the Project Genius Light.  Click here to have access to some free videos.

Project Genius Light - Nearly Finished

The activity tutorials are short and easy to understand.  The narrator walks you through the activities step-by-step.  You may pause or rewind the videos if needed to review a step.

The learn videos provides easy to understand explanations on how a particular step works, such as the function of the breadboard, a circuit, and a resistor.  You and your child will learn the electrical concepts as well.

The questions serve as a method of determining if you and your child understand the process.  A dropdown menu is under the questions.  You select the answer, click on the submit button, and a response pops up on your screen letting you know if your answer is correct or not.  An example of a question is:

“If we wanted to reconnect the red wire back to [the] breadboard, which hole would make the LED light up again?”

A nice feature is you do not have to complete the project in one sitting.  Just save the session and logout.  Return later to the website when you are ready to finish the Project Genius Light.


Project Genius Light


My Final Thoughts

This is a great hands-on activity to accompany a unit study on electricity.  I appreciate the work is done for me through the videos and there is no need for me to provide any additional instruction.


My Daughter’s Reaction


My daughter thought this was a “cool” activity and she especially liked the breadboard.  She would have liked more building activities and less instruction.  Nonetheless, without the instruction there would be no learning taking place.

EEME has more projects to come.  My daughter is looking forward to disassembling a keyboard and other things around the house.  Yikes!

Special Offer!

Jack at EEME is being very gracious in offering you a fabulous discount so you can obtain a Project Genius Light of your own.  To receive a 50% discount, email Jack at dad@eeme.co with “50% promo – H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting” in the subject line.


EEME Project Light Completed

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Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

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  1. Jennifer @aGlimpseOfOurLife

    Hands on activities do make learning fun.

  2. Thanks Jennifer for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

    I totally agree. It makes it much easier for my daughter.


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