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One-stop Shopping


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Hands of a Child

One-stop Shopping

Purchasing Homeschool Curriculum


Attending a homeschool convention is a special event many of us look forward to each year.  A large room filled with books and homeschool supplies is like seeing a large amount of presents under the tree on Christmas morning.  Will you be going to a convention this spring?  It looks like I will not be.  Sigh…  Instead, I will be looking for a one-stop shopping place to purchase my homeschool curriculum.

There are so many stores on the internet that sell homeschool supplies.  We can easily spend hours searching and purchasing from multiple vendors.  All the while, the shipping costs are mounting.  That is the main reason I look for one-stop shopping vendors.  Hands of a Child is one such place.  They provide all the subject material such as Bible, language arts, science, history, math and more.  They even offer holiday, seasonal, just for fun products, and thematic units.

My daughter wants to study a variety of topics for her history with a unit study approach during the next school year.  I have to admit I am not one to create my own unit studies.  So, I take the easy way out and look for the already prepared curriculum.  Thankfully, the ladies at Hands of a Child (HOAC) have done the work for me. 

Earlier this week I spent over an hour looking through the HOAC website.  There are so many curriculums available I was not able to look at all of what HOAC offers.  Did you know HOAC offers 457 studies?  I had to narrow my choices.  Thankfully HOAC has a filtering system.  To make it easy to select the curriculum, I filtered the history curriculum by grade level.  Then my daughter was able to select from the available curriculum.  Then we chose the curriculum format we want.  HOAC has a variety of lapbooking and notebooking options.  My daughter and I are leaning towards the Note Packs.  The lapbooks with the type it in feature look interesting and we might try a couple of those.

The other place I do my one-stop shopping is at Christian Book Distributors**.  My son is not a unit study fan so I will order his science and history from there. 

Do you have a special place you like to do your one-stop shopping?


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

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