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Notebooking Success Review






Notebooking Success Review


This Post May Contain Affiliate and Advertising Links.
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My daughter will soon be entering the 7th grade and moving towards a more structured science curriculum.  Currently, she is using Jeanie Fulbright’s Exploring Creation series along with the Notebooking Journal.  My husband and I feel our children should continue with the Apologia curriculum.  Our son has done well with the textbook method of learning that Apologia offers. However, we realize our daughter may struggle with that method.

As I was scouring the internet to find resources to make the curriculum a bit more interesting for my daughter, it became apparent there were limited products available.  I did come across one product, which combines lapbooking with notebooking.  We have done lapbooking in the past.  Even though my children created nice looking lapbooks, we all soon tired of the cutting and pasting.  Therefore, I hesitated to purchase that particular type of product.

Since I was unable to find what I was looking for, I continued my search for other types of resources to enhance the Apologia Science.  When I came across Jimmie and her many notebooks her daughter has created, I was intrigued.  This lead me to thinking I can guide my daughter in creating her own notebooking pages.  Then I realized I needed direction on how to begin this process.  Jimmie was gracious in giving me a copy of her Notebooking Success eBook.  I am pleased to say Jimmie’s eBook provides me with a more complete understanding of the notebooking process.

Jimmie explains the six benefits of using the notebooking method of learning, in which I will list three of them.  One of those reasons is notebooking fulfills the state requirements for documentation that learning is taking place.  Another reason is retention.  This will allow me to know how much my daughter has really learned rather than her regurgitating facts.  A third benefit of notebooking is it enhances a child’s organizational skills, which will be very helpful.

Jimmie explains the following in her eBook:

  • How to incorporate notebooking with different methods of homeschooling
  • How to use notebooking in all subjects
  • How to combine subjects with notebooking, such as composition and history
  • How to plan for notebooking, such as  how many pages to complete in a day, what supplies you need, and more
  • How to guide children of different ages in creating their notebooks
  • How to avoid the notebooking pitfalls:  burnout, boredom, and frustration

Another portion of the eBook I enjoy is the link to her Notebook Exhibit.  The page contains pictures of her daughter’s creations.  The pictures facilitate ideas for what my daughter might like to create.

Thanks to Jimmie’s eBook, I definitely see notebooking on the horizon.  My daughter and I are making a list of items we would like to include in her future notebooks, such as copies of PowerPoint presentations and drawings using an internet program.  I can also see her notebooking becoming an extension of her personality rather than the binders she is currently using to store papers. 

If you have not tried notebooking, I encourage beginning your adventure with Jimmie’s Notebooking Success eBook.  It is full of tips and instructions that will leave you inspired.  With your purchase of the eBook, you will receive bonus notebooking templates.  Jimmie also includes links to additional free notebooking pages. 

If you are currently notebooking, you may discover new ideas and a renewed passion for this unique method of learning.  Moreover, you will appreciate the free notebooking pages.


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

I purchased this product and decided to write a review.  Please read the disclaimer shown below.

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