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Liven Up Your Homeschool with Notebooking

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Everyone who has a creative child or one who will benefit from adding some variety to their schoolwork, raise your hand.  Wow!  I saw a few.  🙂  I know I am being silly.  But, hey, let’s live a little.


Today, I am going to share with you how to liven up your homeschool with notebooking.  Wait!  Don’t click away.  Notebooking isn’t the blah white lined paper in a binder.  It is much better than that.  Just read on to receive answers to the most asked questions about notebooking.


Liven Up Your Homeschool with Notebooking + Free Notebooking Pages


This Post Contains Affiliate and Advertising Links.
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What is Notebooking?


Notebooking is similar to keeping a journal since it is a record of what your children have learned from a subject. Notebooking works with any homeschool method.  It is definitely beneficial for in-depth studies requiring an entire school year to complete.


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Liven Up Your Homeschool with Notebooking + Free Notebooking Pages



What Goes into the Notebooks?


Various types of reports make up a large portion of the notebook’s contents.   You will want to write a younger child’s narrations on different readings.  Older children will include anywhere between a short report to a research paper.


Visual students enjoy placing images or coloring pages in their notebook.  I recommend all the students to include these items.  The images, drawings, and such help the students to recall the information more readily when they review their schoolwork. 


Be sure to include maps for history studies.  You can obtain blank maps on the internet and have the children fill in the place names.  The children can also draw and color their own maps.  Timelines are other great additions to notebooks.


When studying science, have the children include their experiment reports.  You might also include photos of the children conducting the experiments.



3D Notebooking Pages & Mini-Books



To make notebooking even more interesting, consider having your children place applicable 3-D objects into their notebooks such as pressed leaves.  Coins, cloth, small fossils and any other pertinent objects are fun additions.  You will want to place the 3-D objects onto cardstock paper to provide more durability.


What Supplies Do I Need?


You will need a few basic supplies, such as a binder.  You can use other products; however, I found a 3-ring binder to be the best choice.  It will allow your children to arrange and rearrange their schoolwork as needed or desired.  Think about purchasing a notebook with a clear cover so a page can slip into it.  Children enjoy designing their own covers and personalizing their notebooks.


You will also need paper.  The children are not limited to regular lined paper.  I suggest purchasing ready-made notebooking pages.  It is so much easier than taking the time to make your own. 


You will also want to purchase page protectors to not only protect and preserve the pages, but also to help contain any 3-D items.



Get your free Lesson Planner and Record Sheets Kit HERE.





Free Notebooking Pages Sampler


Notebooking Freebies


It will help you to see what notebooking is like by downloading these free notebooking pages.  Here is a sampler pack containing hundreds of free pages for multiple subjects; then here are two topical packs for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter from NotebookingPages.com.


Free St. Patrick's Day notebooking pages

St. Patrick’s Day Notebooking Pages from NotebookingPages.com.


Easter Notebooking Pages from NotebookingPages.com.


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Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

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Please share. It makes me happy. :)

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