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Lilla Rose

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Lilla Rose

{Product Review}


What, a Homeschool Consultant doing a review for a hair clip?  Yes, I know it seems odd since I only review homeschool-related products.  Jennifer Miller is a sister Reviewer for the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew and also a Lilla Rose Consultant.  She contacted me awhile back about doing a product review for her.  What made me say yes is she told me how her family turned the business into a microeconomics course. 


~ The Lilla Rose Company ~

John Dorsey began making hair accessories in 1992 in his garage.  This came about because his wife wanted to make a pair of beaded chopsticks.  She gave up and bought a pair at Nordstrom instead.  John decided to try his hand at making a pair.  Friends liked what John had made and wanted a pair of their own.  After many years of uncertainty, the company went from the garage to a successful business with consultants sharing the vision one customer at a time.   The company has expanded its product line to multiple designs and styles of hair accessories and even badge holders.  Lilla Rose offers the following products:

  • Flexi Hair Clips
  • Hair Sticks
  • Flexi Oh!
  • Hairbands
  • You-Pins
  • Badge Holders

~ Flexi Hair Clip ~

I am trying to let my hair grow out and it is not long enough yet for me to use a clip.  So, I decided to let my daughter try one of the flexi clips instead.  We went to Jennifer’s website and looked through all the styles of flexi clips.  There is a large selection to choose from.  After my daughter made the decision on the style she wanted, we needed to determine what size she needed.  It depends on the hair length, thickness and the hairstyle as to which clip size to order.  We watched the sizing video and determined a small would work best for hair.

 Fascinating Fun Flexi Hair Clip


I contacted Jennifer and she graciously sent my daughter the Fascinating and Fun Flexi Hair Clip.  It came beautifully packaged with instructions on how to use the clip and for different hairstyles 

 Fascinating Fun Flexi Clip Open and Closed


It amazes me how the flex clip works.  At first glance, I thought there was no way the clip would stay in someone’s hair.  There is no definite “hook” to keep it closed.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover it really does work and stays in the hair without slipping.

 Lilla Rose Ponytail


As you can see, the flexi clip is not straight.  It certainly does not have anything to do with something being wrong with the flexi clip.  It is me.  I am not much of a hairstylist and my daughter will attest to that.  She is able to put the flexi clip in by herself and have it straight.

My daughter really likes her flexi clip.  She wants to become more adept in wearing it with her hair in different styles.  Then she wants to order the Dreamcatcher.


Okay moms.  Let’s be honest.  There are days we have so much to do and we do not have the time to make ourselves glamorous.  The flexi clip is perfect for putting the hair up with minimal fuss and adds a pretty adornment as well.


Microeconomics Course 

As I mentioned earlier, Jennifer turned her Lilla Rose Consulting business into a microeconomics course.  Here is a quote from Jennifer:

“I have two teenage daughters. They approached me about two years ago with a request to earn some spending money. The girls came up with the start up money for the new consultant kit, though I helped out with the “Fast Start” option for start up inventory. They are already better at sales than I am. They demonstrate styles and share their love of the products. When we order, they help decide which product we need based on supply and demand. As orders arrive, they double check the invoice and keep records of inventory. They created a binder for record keeping and help track things such as blog reviews and giveaways, too. They help prepare packages for our customers and our team. That is just a little glimpse of how we mix pretty hair with microeconomics.”

The flexi clips costs between $11 and $30.  The cost depends on the size and the design.  There are seven sizes from mini to mega.

Jennifer and I invite you to like her Facebook page and follow her on Pinterest.

The flexi clips costs between $11 and $30.  The cost depends on the size and the design.  There are seven sizes from mini to mega.


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

Jennifer Miller graciously provided me with a Lilla Rose Fascinating and Fun Flexi Clip in exchange for an honest review.  Please read the disclaimer shown below.

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Please share. It makes me happy. :)

Angie McFarren

Angie McFarren is a homeschool mom of 1 high school student and graduated another who is now attending college. She has homeschooled them since they were in K and Pre-K. Angie is passionate about homeschooling and enjoys Helping Other Parents Educate. She is a Homeschool Consultant and the author of Educate the Home Educator Crash Course. Angie is also on the See the Light Art Curriculum team.

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