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How to Homeschool with Mind Maps

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Image Credit: Paul Foreman at Mind Map Inspiration

Image Credit: Paul Foreman at Mind Map Inspiration


How to Homeschool with Mind Maps

This Post Contains Affiliate and Advertising Links.
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Have you heard of mind maps?  They are essential graphic organizers but a lot more fun and more visually appealing.  People use them for all sorts of things such as brainstorming new ideas, planning projects, conducting research, studying for exams, planning a vacation, and so forth.  I discovered how to homeschool with mind maps and want to show you how it has worked for us.

There are some individuals who are very good at relaying information verbally but when they go to write the information it becomes a challenge.  My daughter is somewhat that way.  It amazes me how much she knows about a subject.  Then when I ask her to give me a written report or to take a written test she has trouble transferring that information onto paper.  One day I came across mind mapping and I knew this was something my daughter could do.

In case you have not heard of mind mapping, let me explain how it works.  Mind mapping begins with a central theme.  The central theme becomes segmented and the details branch off the segments.  This is very similar to creating a lesson plan for a unit study.  All the subjects revolve around a particular topic and the assignments branch off of the subjects.

H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting Mind Map Unit Study

Mind mapping is an excellent study tool and can take place of writing notes.  My daughter does not like writing large amounts of information on paper.  The mind mapping allows her to write the pertinent information in small chunks rather than writing complete notes.  This is what my daughter has done with history.  After she has created her mind map, she will relay the details to me verbally using her mind map as a guide.

Mind mapping also allows the maker to express their creative talents.  The person may use multiple colors, add pictures, and so forth.  There are even individuals who have created works of art using mind maps.  The website Mind Map Art shows some of the artwork.

Recently, I came across the Mind Mapping for Kids.  It was a free Kindle download.  The book contains information on how to teach mind mapping.  It also contains website links for free mind map software.  I searched high and low looking for a free program that looks nice.  The closest I came was a Google app called Connected Mind.

As mentioned earlier, my daughter does not like to do a lot of writing on paper.  She prefers to use the computer instead.  My daughter is also very creative.  The Connected Mind program brings out the best in her.  She is able to type in the information and create an organized and colorful mind map without spending a lot of time doing one by hand.


H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting Mind Mapping

Using the template from Connected Minds Google app for history.


Hopefully, I have given you a clear picture of how to homeschool with mind maps.  If you have never used mind maps in your homeschool, I encourage to give it a try.  Than please let me know how it has worked for you.


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant


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Please share. It makes me happy. :)

Angie McFarren

Angie McFarren is a homeschool mom of 1 high school student and graduated another who is now attending college. She has homeschooled them since they were in K and Pre-K. Angie is passionate about homeschooling and enjoys Helping Other Parents Educate. She is a Homeschool Consultant and the author of Educate the Home Educator Crash Course. Angie is also on the See the Light Art Curriculum team.

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