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Homeschool Convention Tip #2


Homeschool Convention Tip #2



Thank you for joining me for today’s Homeschool Convention Tip #2.


Who to Take With You


Are you going to a homeschool convention? Find out who you should and maybe should not take with… Click To Tweet Let’s start with your husband in this homeschool convention tip #2.



This Post May Contain Affiliate and Advertising Links.
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It is to your benefit to take your husband along with you to the convention.  This serves several purposes.  First, a convention allows you both to receive time away from your normal routines and it often feels like a mini-vacation.  Secondly, together, you and your husband will be able to renew your enthusiasm and commitment to your homeschooling decision.  Thirdly, your husband will have the opportunity to view the materials and express his desires for the children’s learning.  Lastly, he can serve as the package handler.  🙂

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of taking your children along with you to the convention.  The ages of your children will be a part of your decision-making.  If you have an infant and are nursing, the child will obviously, go with you.  The association usually arranges for a designated room, set apart from the main convention area, for nursing mothers.

If you have children who tend to get bored and grumpy on small shopping excursions, a convention may not be the place for them.  If you are seeking an older child’s input on curriculum, it may be worth taking him or her along.

If you choose to take your children with you to the convention and plan on attending the workshops, you may experience a dilemma.   Most associations tape the workshops and therefore the personnel will not allow children in the rooms during taping.

A number of state homeschool associations will arrange for a children’s conference, which runs simultaneously with the convention schedule.  These are typically themed events.  The children spend their time doing fun activities, while being well cared for in your absence.  In the majority of cases, there is an additional fee for these events.

Teenagers may find it beneficial to attend the convention.  Usually there are special workshops geared towards teenage interests.  A graduation ceremony may correspond with the convention dates as well.

A number of state associations sponsor art and essay contests.  The participants learn the results of the contests at the conventions.  Therefore, the children may want to attend the convention to see their work displayed and learn of the winning results first-hand.  You might want to bring a camera along with you so you can take pictures of your children alongside their displayed work.

If your husband cannot go with you, consider taking the grandparents.  This too serves several purposes.  The grandparents can see firsthand the quantity of homeschooling families and will realize you and your spouse are not eccentric.  When the grandparents listen to the speakers and see the magnitude of the homeschool materials available, the grandparents will often become more enthusiastic about their grandchildren being homeschooled.  The other benefit of grandparents going to a convention is they can take care of the children while you are shopping.  🙂

If your husband or a grandparent is unable to attend the convention, think about going with another homeschool mom.  It can be camaraderie building and a time for sharing ideas.

That’s it for homeschool convention tip #2.  If you have not read the previous post, you will find homeschool convention tip #1 here.  

Continue reading this series with homeschool convention tip #3.


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

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