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High School Fine Arts Course

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Welcome Back to the 5 Days of Teaching Art at Home!



High School Fine Arts Course


 High School Fine Arts Course


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You know how much I love See the Light.  I would encourage you to use their art curriculum whether I received compensation or not.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise indicated.


Many students need to take a high school fine arts course to meet their graduation requirements.  Depending on the school, students may need either a half or full art credit.  This may be accomplished by taking either visual arts, performing arts, or an art appreciation course.  Let me show you how SEE THE LIGHT products will provide instruction for a visual arts course.  

Pat Knepley - SEE THE LIGHT

Pat Knepley is the Master Artist at SEE THE LIGHT.  She is also a member of the National Art Education Association.  Pat has inquired about the National Visual Arts Standards.  They are as follows:

  • Visual Art Standard #1: Understanding and applying media techniques and processes.
    • Using new materials and techniques appropriately.
  • Visual Art Standard #2: Using knowledge of structures and functions.
    • Understanding of art elements and art principles and using appropriately to complete a project.
  • Visual Art Standard #3: Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas.
    • Evaluating how artworks differ visually and how symbols are used in history and culture.
  • Visual Art Standard #4: Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures.
    • Describe and explore meaning of specific Art works within time, space and culture.
  • Visual Art Standard #5: Reflecting upon and Assessing characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.
    • A student’s self evaluation once project completed.
  • Visual Art Standard #6: Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines.
    • Art and literature
    • Art and history
    • Art and science
    • Like color theory

It typically takes 60 hours of instruction for a course to qualify for a half-credit.  Students will receive 70.5 hours using SEE THE LIGHT products for their high school fine arts course.  The best part is the students do not need to leave home to receive a quality art course. 


Art Projects from SEE THE LIGHT

Art Projects (Viewing and Project Time):

O’Keeffe – 4 hours

Seurat – 4 hours

Thiebaud – 4 hours

Chagall – 4 hours

Homer – 4 hours

Degas – 4 hours

Van Gogh – 4 hours

Rousseau – 4 hours

Tiffany – 4 hours

Bible Stories Art - SEE THE LIGHT

Bible Stories (Viewing and Project Time):


Gift of Love (Christmas Lessons) – 5.5 hours

Crossmaker (Easter Lessons) – 5.5 hours

God’s Runaway (Jonah) – 7.5 hours

Shipwrecked (Paul) – 7.25 hours

God’s Special Surprise (Moses) – 7.75 hours

 Cartooning - SEE THE LIGHT

Cartooning Basics: – 1 hour


Total Art Instruction = 70.5 hours


You may create a full credit for a high school fine arts course by studying each artist in more depth, writing essays, completing a final project, and viewing websites featuring virtual art museums.

You may learn more about the products above by visiting the SEE THE LIGHT website.



Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

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Please share. It makes me happy. :)

Angie McFarren

Angie McFarren is a homeschool mom of 1 high school student and graduated another who is now attending college. She has homeschooled them since they were in K and Pre-K. Angie is passionate about homeschooling and enjoys Helping Other Parents Educate. She is a Homeschool Consultant and the author of Educate the Home Educator Crash Course. Angie is also on the See the Light Art Curriculum team.

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