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Greek Mythology Note Pack by Hands of a Child

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Greek Mythology Note Pack by Hands of a Child


The first company I think of when someone mentions lapbooking is Hands of a Child.  The company now offers note packs.  So, from now on when someone mentions notebooking, I will think of Hands of a Child.  How did I come to this conclusion?  I received the opportunity to review the Greek Mythology Note Pack by Hands of a Child and liked what I saw.

Notebooking in General

Do you know what notebooking is?  It is a method of taking what a student learned about a subject and recording it in a meaningful way.   The student places the material in a notebook or binder as he or she completes activities.  This notebook often becomes a resource for later learning.  It is also a way for the student to show his or her creativity and an opportunity to share it with others.

Let me clarify.  Notebooking does not utilize ordinary notepaper where the student just takes notes.  Instead, notebooking uses pages with graphics making the written aspect of the study more inviting.  The student may also include a timeline, maps, pictures of completed projects, and a lot more to the notebooks.

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Notebooking appeals to those who enjoy unit studies or desire to supplement a current study.  It also appeals to students who are visual learners as well as hands-on learners.  Bookworm or Loner students will most likely not enjoy this method of learning.

Greek Mythology by Hands of a Child
Image Credit: Hands of a Child

Greek Mythology Note Pack

There are several things I consider when selecting homeschool curriculum with two of those being quality and how user friendly it is.  Greek Mythology Note Pack by Hands of a Child meets my criteria.  The note pack comes in a pdf format and is Kindle friendly.  It contains the learning material, lesson plans, answer key, resources for further study, and all the notebooking pages a student needs to complete the study.

You may complete this unit study in a minimum of six lessons, which takes an average of thirty minutes to complete.  If you are like most homeschool families, you will want to read the suggested books.  You may even add to the lessons as you and your student become more interested in a particular segment of the study.  How long it takes to complete the study will then depend upon how engrossed you and your child becomes with learning Greek mythology.

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Hands of a Child has included a bibliography.  I encourage you to use those resources, particularly the Greek Mythology.com website.  Hands of a Child has done a great job of providing information on Greek mythology.  Greek Mythology.com contains numerous links with online books and other information allowing you to enlarge on the study.

In the Greek Mythology Note Pack, you and your child will learn about myths in general, the individual Greek gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, and more.  My daughter enjoyed learning about the Muses the most. The learning material contains nice pictures.  My daughter and I considered cutting them out and placing them on the notebooking pages.  In the end, we decided not to do so.  We chose to enclose the completed study in a folder only for the ease of storage.

One of the things I liked about this study is Hands of a Child has provided material that leaves you wanting to learn more.  In fact, they offer related curriculum you might want to investigate further.


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Hands of a Child graciously provided me with a free copy of Greek Mythology Note Pack in exchange for an honest review.  Please read the disclaimer shown below.

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  1. I was a bookworm and a loner and I would definitely have liked using notepacks. I think that is a strange stereotype! Thanks for the review, makes me want to buy some for my daughter.

  2. Hi Kristina,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my review.

    I have provided names for learning styles much like what a person will see from others who describe learning styles, such as Cathy Duffy. Cathy uses names such as Perfect Paula and Competent Carl. The learning styles I have shared has a list of qualities the student typically possesses. What I meant about a bookworm and a loner is they tend to not like hands-on activities. Both of my children are voracious readers. My son hates hands-on activities and falls into the category of a bookworm. My daughter loves hands-on activities and is a Wiggle Worm.

    The names I provide are not meant to stereotype anyone. I am sorry if it came across that way and has offended you. That certainly was not in my heart to do so.


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