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Basic Survival Skills

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Basic Survival Skills Product Review

Basic Survival Skills

for Diverse Conditions

Product Review


“The better a person’s survival skills, the better the chances that person has of surviving a difficult crisis.”    ~ Hands of a Child


The camping season will soon begin.  There will be many adventures and possibly scary moments.  I am not talking about listening to scary stories around a camp fire.  I am referring to when things go wrong such as the vehicle will not start when you are in the boonies and it is snowing with no one else around to help; or you are boating and your boat has capsized; or when you are hiking and become lost; or any other type of mishap.  Preparing in advance by learning basic survival skills will be to you and your loved ones’ advantage.  The ladies at Hands of a Child graciously provided me with their Basic Survival Skills for Diverse Conditions Note Pack for completing this product review.  This unit study will give you the tools you need to prepare for an adventure that has gone awry.

First let me begin by sharing a little about Hands of a Child’s (HOAC) products. The unit studies provided by them will make it really easy to implement in your homeschool.  There is a planning guide, reading list, activities and instructions, vocabulary list, research guide, study material, notebooking pages, and a teacher’s answer key.  In other words, all you need to do is pick up the material and go with it.

Basic Survival Skills for Diverse Conditions

Basic Survival Skills for Diverse Conditions covers the following:

  • The six steps of survival
  • The basic needs for survival
  • Where to find water and how to collect it
  • Building a shelter in any area
  • Finding food
  • Fire building
  • Survival equipment
  • Surviving in cold conditions
  • Signally for help
  • And more 

My daughter scares me at times.  She has a fascination with fire.  When she discovered this unit contained a section on fire building, she was way too excited and wants to make this an extension activity.  We have not completed this yet but she is ready any time to build a wigwam fire.  I have deferred that to my husband.  It will be safer that way (I hope.)

 HOAC Wigman Page


Part of my father-in-laws property is woods.  We live beside him and have enjoyed walking in the woods many times (well, except for when the mosquitoes are rampant.)  Recently my daughter and a couple of her friends went on a hike in the woods.  The end result was my daughter stepping on a stick in the swampy area and part of the stick is still in her foot.  Thankfully, we live close enough she was not stranded there.  Her escapade did require a doctor’s visit two days later and the need for antibiotics.  She has learned a lesson the hard way.  The Basic Survival Skills unit has given my daughter the information she needs when she takes another walk in the swampy area.  Like do not take off her shoes!  There are also tips on how not to be bitten by spiders, snakes, and insects.  I wish we did this study before she went for that walk.

There are two suggested extension activities in The Basic Survival Skills study.  One is to assemble a survival kit and to make a burnoose.  We chose to put together a survival kit.  We will adjust the contents of the kit according to where we are going and the time of the year it is.


Survival Kit


The recommend ages for The Basic Survival Skills are 6th to 10th grade.  The study may be adapted for a younger child depending on his or her maturity level.  HOAC also offers this study as a lapbook and in several formats to purchase.  The price is regularly $12 but HOAC is offering the study at a special price for $8.  Be sure to purchase it soon so you will be prepared for when you go on your next adventure.


Angie McFarren, Homeschool Consultant

Hands of a Child graciously provided me with a free copy of Basic Survival Skills for Diverse Conditions Note Pack in exchange for an honest review.  Please read the disclaimer shown below.

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