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Homeschool Articles

Please share. It makes me happy. :)



Homeschool Articles


 Below are a few articles I have written that you might find helpful.


Homeschool Consultants:

What They Do and When You Should Use One


Homeschooling is easier with a consultant helping you along the way. Parents desire to provide their children with the best education and often find the public schools lacking. (read more…)



Angie McFarren, EzineArticles Basic Author



Homeschool Planning: 

Do Not Wait Until August to Begin


Who wants to think about school during the summer? The most common answer is no one. Homeschooling families are no different from their counterparts. After all, the whole point of a summer break is fun and relaxation. Before we get into the purpose of this article, let us review this past school year. Did you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your lack of organization?   (read more…)



Homeschool Zest: 

Ways to Add More Fun to Your Children’s School Days


Homeschool children do not necessarily leap toward their studies with enthusiasm despite what others may think. Taking steps towards adding more fun to your children’s day will certainly help improve your children’s attitudes. Here are four ways to assist you in this venture. (read more…)


The Homeschool Journey:

Do You Avoid Detours or Take Too Many Side Trips?


Homeschool activities can lead us down the wrong path if we are not careful.  Discover if your homeschool planning is sending you on the wrong route.  (read more…)



Homeschool Etiquette:

Discover Polite Ways to Answer Those Inevitable Questions


Not everyone is a proponent of your decision to homeschool and you may find yourself challenged on the subject.  If you respond appropriately to the inquiring, you may possibly alter the viewpoint of others on home education. (read more…)







Please share. It makes me happy. :)

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